Who are the SolarAPP+ Foundation's Board of Directors?

Directors as of 2-15-2022 (Alphabetical Order):

Arthur Coulston - Former SolarAPP Chair of Foundation's Board

Ben Davis - Policy Associate, CALSSA

Carla Blackwell - Director of Development Services, Pima County, AZ

Chris Crane - Director of Design Engineering, SunPower

Evelyn Butler - VP Technical Services, SEIA

Geoffrey Simmons - Chief Building Official, Pleasant Hill, CA

Joan O'Neal - Chief Innovation Officer, ICC

Larry Sherwood - President and CEO, IREC

Lauren Nevitt - Director, Public Policy, Sunrun

Pete Jackson - Chief Electrical Inspector, City of Bakersfield, CA

Valerie Anderson - PII & Software, Tesla

Advisors to the Board:

Jeff Cook - SolarAPP+ Lead, NREL

Ken Boyce - Senior Director, UL

Scott Jezwinski - Product Manager, Renewables, UL

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