Contractors Guide: Issues & upcoming improvements

For a view of planned improvements and new features, please visit the SolarAPP+ Product Roadmap.

Below is a list of current known SolarAPP+ software bugs and issues which have been noted and for which solutions are underway. If you have any questions about any of the issues listed, or to report a new issue or bug not listed below, please contact [email protected].

Current issues to be resolved

SolarAPP+ currently no known issues to be resolved.  

Tips and Tricks

Current Carry Conductors: AC and DC

Some contractors have had issues identifying the correct AC and DC current carrying conductors in their designs for input into SolarAPP+. These inconsistencies can result in a failed inspection. We encourage you to review the contractor's training to learn more about how to input the correct information. Here we show a table of the most common inputs by inverter manufacturer for the current carrying conductor quantity per branch (AC) and string (DC) due to the existence of a neutral on the inverter AC output.

For additional information on how to submit a project through SolarAPP+, you can visit our article on Contractor Input Training

Upcoming improvements

New addresses/homes as retrofit projects

SolarAPP+ currently does not recognize some relatively new addresses/homes that still qualify as retrofit projects. However, we are working on a solution to improve this. For the time being, please pursue the traditional process for these jobs. 

Scheduled fix: TBD

Check for MSP backfeed compliance when calling load side tap

SolarAPP+ currently does not check for MSP backfeed compliance when calling a load side tap in the MSP section. We plan on adding this feature in an upcoming release.

Scheduled Fix: June 2021  |  ID: SMEF-94 SOLAR-1754

Different mounting systems per mounting plane
SolarAPP+ currently only supports projects that use the same mounting system for all mounting planes. This functionality may become available in a future release. For the time being, please pursue the traditional process for these jobs. 

Scheduled fix: TBD  |  ID: SMEF-48

Multiple microinverters per module
SolarAPP+ currently does not support projects with more than one microinverter per module through the eligibility checklist. We are working on a solution to expand eligibility for this type of job.
Scheduled fix: TBD  |  ID: SMEF-128
Cutsheet uploads in the contractor dashboard 

Once a cutsheet is uploaded, it is then available for that contractor to select it from the cutsheet dropdowns. We are currently working on a solution to improve this functionality. 

Scheduled fix: June 2021  |  ID: SMEF-49

Improve visibility of link to menu screen when a project has failed

Link can be found above the error on "Go to permit".

Scheduled fix: TBD  |  ID: SMEF-134

When two people work on the same project at a given time, high risk of data corruption and unexpected information presented on the permit

Only one person can work on a project at given time. Ensure effective communication is in place to data input integrity.

Scheduled fix: TBD  |  ID: SMEF-134

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