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Not selecting to use a 20A breaker upsize for microinverters and calling a 15A instead.
Size the inverter output circuit in the scope of work and cite this issue ID. This can be verified using Table 3, as long as the branch circuit continuous output current is less than the column header, any OCPD of that size or above can be used. For the wire gauge, as long as the OCPD is equal or less than the largest OCPD with that wire gauge in table 3, then the wire gauge will be safe for that ampacity. Conduit fill can then be verified by Table 4.
Fixed: June 2021
Inspection Checklist auxiliary grounding electrode 

Inspection checklist auxiliary grounding electrode is not required by the code. After evaluating the option to update the inspection checklist, it was determined that the supplemental electrode 250.53(A)(2) is different from Auxiliary Electrode (690.47), which is a required facility ground. Therefore, the issue was dismissed.

Fixed: June 2021

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