SolarAPP Revisions Naming Convention

The following is an explanation of the standard naming convention for different software versions and project types within SolarAPP+. These naming conventions are written to clearly communicate software version and the project type for each project that receives approval from SolarAPP+.

Revision Number for Software Releases

Software release notes are tied to version numbers. The number helps to keep track of all SolarAPP+'s incremental changes reflected in the software version at the time of release. 

Template: Rev [major change].[minor new features].[hotfixes]
Example:  Rev 1.4.1
  • Major: The result of some or multiple changes that affect large parts of the system.
  • Minor: Small incremental changes and the addition of features that improve SolarAPP's functionalities overall.
  • Hotfix: Very specific changes that may include minute adjustments to improve the user interface or address bugs/errors.
Project Type
Template: [Product]: [applicable code years]
  • PV: 2017 NEC / 2018 I-Codes
  • PV: 2017 NEC / 2021 I-Codes
  • PV: 2020 NEC / 2021 I-Codes
  • BIPV: 2017 NEC / 2021 I-Codes
  • PV+ST: 2017 NEC / 2018-Codes
  • PV+ST: 2017 NEC / 2021-Codes
  • PV+ST: 2020 NEC / 2021-Codes
  • BIPV+ST: 2020 NEC / 2021-Codes

Future Improvement

We are planning to include the above naming conventions in SolarAPP+ approval documents, located in both the header and footer of the PDF.

Header Example for Approval Document Pages:
Rev 1.4.1 - PV: 2017 NEC / 2018 I-Codes
Footer Example for Approval Document Pages:
Page #
Rev 1.4.1
PV: 2017 NEC / 2018 I-Codes

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