UL 2703 Database

SolarAPP requires that the racking system is UL 2703-listed for grounding and bonding requirements in combination with the PV module models specified in a SolarAPP project. SolarAPP now maintains a database of eligible combinations of racking systems and modules per UL 2703.

Starting end-march 2022, SolarAPP will require that any racking system and module combination used on the application is present on the database. Based on the available products on the market with UL 2703 grounding and bonding data, the database will support the racking systems listed below.

If you cannot find your racking system below or are having trouble getting your combination approved, please reach out to the SolarAPP team for help at [email protected]. In your email, provide the appropriate documentation from the NRTL or manufacturer to support your claim for a compatible combination of racking systems and modules, and we will evaluate whether your equipment can be included in the database.

Supported systems:

Manufacturer Model
Chiko CK-AR
Chiko CK-SO
Chiko CK-TR
EcoFasten ClickFit
EcoFasten RockIt
EcoFasten SimpleBlock
IronRidge BX System
IronRidge XR Flush Mount
IronRidge XR Tilt Mount
K2 CrossRail System
K2 CrossRail Tilt Up System
Pegasus Rail System
ProSolar RoofTrac
QuickMount QRail System
SnapNRack RL Universal
SnapNRack Series 100
SnapNRack Ultra Rail
Solar Warehouse SWH Solar Racking
SunModo SMR Pitched Roof System
SunModo SMR Tilt-Up System
SunModo Sun Turf Flat Roof System
SunPower InvisiMount
Unirac NXT Horizon
Unirac RM10
Unirac SFM Infinity
Unirac Solar Mount Flush
Zep Solar Inc. ZS Comp
Zep Solar Inc. ZS Ramp
Zep Solar Inc. ZS Seam
Zep Solar Inc. ZS Span


The following is a non-inclusive list of the racking system manufacturers that are not supported in SolarAPP, since the team has not been able to find any information on the UL 2703 compatible modules for grounding and bonding. If you are able to provide the appropriate documentation from the NRTL, please reach out to the SolarAPP team for help at [email protected].

  • Solar Stack

Racking systems should not be confused with attachments such as the following:

  • S-5! Clamps
  • Roof tech RT-MINI
  • Pegasus Solar (Mounts)

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