What's on the SolarAPP+ inspection checklist?

The purpose of the SolarAPP+ inspection checklist is to provide detailed information to the jurisdiction and the inspector on what attributes constitute a code compliant PV system. Because SolarAPP+ is prescriptive, the checklist will provide the inspector with the minimum requirements that must be present and avoid the necessity of the inspector doing their own calculations. 

The inspection checklist comprises several sections: 

  1. Customer and site information 
  2. Electrical and installation requirements
    1. Interconnection method
    2. MSP equipment
    3. Inverter 
    4. Installation details
  3. Roof requirements
  4. Fire safety code requirements
  5. Signs, placards, directories, and markings
  6. Inputs that were used by the contractor

Within each section of the checklist there are boxes for an inspector to mark “Pass” on each item. Using this functionality will bring increased awareness to the inspection process where both inspectors and contractors can ensure that all items are being inspected for compliance and quality.

Please view this example SolarAPP Approval Document to take a closer look at the Inspection Checklist.

For more information, please review this SolarAPP+ inspector's training developed by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC).

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