Why adopt SolarAPP+?

SolarAPP+ standardizes safety compliance checks by automating them, eliminating deviation and variance between individual reviewers. SolarAPP+ also reduces solar installation costs by improving the efficiency and accuracy of the local permitting review process. It provides a number of benefits to solar contractors and the authority-having-jurisdiction (AHJ) charged with ensuring code compliance, which results in cheaper and safer systems for consumers. Local permitting can add significant costs to a solar installation above and beyond the direct cost of the permit application fee charged. This includes time and expense related to understanding and following varied processes from one jurisdiction to the next, going to building department offices to obtain permits and losing customers after delays in obtaining permits.

Standardizing and automating the review process reduces costs and decreases the time to install, which results in more residents being able to install solar energy systems as they become more affordable. AHJs realize benefits associated with ensuring code requirements are accurately and consistently applied to every system, reduced time dealing with incomplete applications and identifying mistakes, decreased need for specialized training and ultimately increased revenues due to more systems being installed with less effort to ensure compliance.

AHJ resources are currently being used for reviewing and rejecting permit applications that are incomplete, rife with error, or never reach construction or inspection at all. SolarAPP+ automates permit approvals for qualified systems and allows local governments to focus on tougher projects and technologies. SolarAPP+'s compliance checks ensure that safe installations can proceed, while removing stale applications from the AHJ's workload.

The SolarAPP+ portal will:

  • Be free for jurisdictions to pilot and adopt
  • Standardize permit applications and inspection checklists
  • Block noncompliant applications from entering AHJ workload
  • Perform automated plan review with compliance checks, enabling instant approval for qualified systems
  • Provide online fee payment and digital record tracking, if needed
  • Be able to stand alone or integrate with existing government software and inspection platforms
  • Ensure that city and county manual plan reviews and inspection resources are aligned and used efficiently
  • Expand to integrate more renewable energy and smart home technologies, keeping cities up to date with relevant code
  • Incorporate and centralize a marketplace of resources and training materials from code bodies and expert organizations.

For more information, read our factsheets on the benefits of SolarAPP+ and how to adopt SolarAPP+.

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