Can I submit ballast systems through SolarAPP+?

SolarAPP+ assumes that projects utilize a standard racking system with roofing attachments. In order to proceed through the structural page on the application, the contractor must specify:

(A) The proposed maximum spacing between adjacent attachment points of a racking system, and

(B) The system weight in pounds per square foot (psf), with a maximum limit of 4psf.

Contractors planning to install a ballast system would not be able to answer question A. At this time, we expect the majority of ballast systems to exceed the 4psf limit in question B. It is not expected that ballast systems would meet the platform's eligibility standards. However, if the contractor is able to verify with the SolarAPP+ team that the weight of the ballast system falls below 4psf, SolarAPP+ can process the project. 

For most ballast systems, you would need to use the jurisdiction's traditional permitting process.

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