What do I do if the system rejects my application because one of the criteria or requirements are not met?

While SolarAPP+ has been designed to process the majority of residential solar installations in the United States, there are limitations to what types of systems qualify for the automated permitting process (Eligibility Checklist). Depending on which criteria are not met, you will either need to submit an application using an alternative process required by the jurisdiction, or revise your system design to meet the criteria or code requirements in SolarAPP+. In any instance where non-certified components will be utilized or exemptions from code requirements are sought, an alternative permitting application process at the jurisdiction will be necessary. Please review the contractors' input training and the inspection training to better understand SolarAPP+'s requirements.

Contractor Input Training: How do I submit a project through SolarAPP+?

Inspection Training, developed by IREC: Inspecting a SolarAPP+ System

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