How can I get SolarAPP+ in my area?

Only jurisdictions that are in the pilot process or have adopted SolarAPP+ are able to have installers submit permits via SolarAPP+. 

However, if you're an installer or simply want to help get SolarAPP+ adopted in your area, the SolarAPP+ team partnered with the Solar Energy Industries Association to provide a roadmap for how you can help encourage local governments to adopt! 

In summary, you can help in one of three ways:

  1. Spread the word - the more local governments hear about SolarAPP+ the better.
  2. Funnel interested local government representatives you work with to the SolarAPP+ for demonstrations and piloting.
  3. Partner in the development and roll out of SolarAPP+.

If interested, or you have other questions about how to get involved, feel free to email the SolarAPP+ team at: [email protected].

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