What is a SolarAPP+ ID and why do we need it?

A SolarAPP+ Approval ID is a number given to each SolarAPP+ project after paying the $25 SolarAPP+ fee. 

After payment is confirmed for the SolarAPP+ fee, you will be given an Approval ID number and a final approval document. Then, depending on the integration method of the jurisdiction you are working in, SolarAPP+ will prompt you to pay the jurisdiction's administrative fee directly (note that this is different than the SolarAPP+ fee), or route you to where you can file for the permit.

The next steps will vary depending on the jurisdiction you are submitting in. In most cases, you will submit your SolarAPP+ documentation (including the Approval ID) into the jurisdiction's online permitting software (Accela, Energov, etc). Though the submission process will vary slightly depending on the jurisdiction's software platform, you will always be required to input your Approval ID and the approval document prior to receiving an instant permit. In other, rarer cases, SolarAPP+ will issue the permit independently, after you pay the permit fee within SolarAPP+.

For more information on SolarAPP+ approval ID's, using SolarAPP+, and submitting to local governments see our training program here: https://cleanenergytraining.org/code-official-training#solarapp. 

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