How does the SolarAPP+ dashboard work?

The SolarAPP+ dashboard can be accessed through the account dropdown menu at any time

The dashboard contains relevant information, organized into different sections, for jurisdictions approving projects through SolarAPP+:

  • ‘Specs’ allows AHJs to select the appropriate model code established by the jurisdiction. AHJs may also select either standalone PV or PV-plus-storage as projects eligible for processing using SolarAPP+.
  • ‘Projects’ displays a list of PV or PV-plus-storage projects submitted in SolarAPP+ along with contact information for each contractor. The list may be filtered by (a) choosing between qualified and approved projects and/or (b) using the keyword field. Projects may be further sorted alphabetically/numerically by project title, address, installer, status and approval ID. Information for individual projects can be accessed by clicking on the icon at the right side of the page next to the project and selecting 'Show.' This is also where jurisdictions may handle revisions.
  • ‘Info’ displays the contact information and address of the jurisdiction. You may select the ‘Edit’ button to modify or update inaccurate information.

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