What kind of revisions can SolarAPP+ process?

SolarAPP+ allows up to three project revisions free of charge, and contractors must pay $25 for the fourth revision and each revision thereafter. SolarAPP+ is able to process any revisions as long as the new project design adheres to the SolarAPP+ Eligibility Checklist. Depending on the jurisdiction's process and their particular government permitting software, the permit with revisions may be issued automatically to the contractor. In other cases, the contractor may have to directly contact the jurisdiction's permitting office to notify them that project revisions have been made. See this article to access links to your jurisdiction's online permitting system for more information.

If the project must be revised to an extent it is no longer eligible to be permitted within SolarAPP+ that project must be submitted through the AHJ's regular plan review process. In this case, please notify the jurisdiction's permitting department and discuss options for how the AHJ will review that revision. 

Examples of ineligible revisions (this list is not exhaustive):
  • Trenching solar equipment
  • Adding additional module types with new manufacturers/model numbers
  • Additional additional racking systems with new manufacturers/model numbers
  • Changing or adding inverters or modules not listed in California Energy Commission database
  • Changes that cause the system to exceed weight of 4 pounds per square foot.
  • Adding additional modules per single microinverter
  • Adding aluminum wires

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