Does SolarAPP+ replace my existing permitting process?

SolarAPP+ is designed to allow 70-80% of all rooftop PV projects to be permitted online and instantaneously. For typical solar projects, SolarAPP+ replaces the need for human plan review with an automated system of compliance checks and streamlined field inspections. In this way, SolarAPP+ supplants a significant portion of the AHJ's existing permitting process, but the traditional permitting system would still be needed for more complex projects that fall outside of the platform's eligibility limits (e.g. commercial, multi-family projects). The majority of single-family home rooftop solar systems would be processed through SolarAPP+, significantly decreasing the time and resources devoted by building and inspection staff.

Regarding the permitting payments, AHJs may select either the standalone model if they do not currently use online permitting or the integrated model to sync SolarAPP+ with their established online permitting software.  See related articles for more information about payment systems.

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