How does SolarAPP+ work with existing local governments' permitting software?

SolarAPP+ is flexible to your needs. SolarAPP+ can be incorporated with minor enhancements to your existing software. To determine whether this approach is right for you, we ask that you register an account here:

SolarAPP+ is potentially compatible with any online permitting software platform, as long as the AHJ can configure an instant workflow to process residential solar permits and enable the contractor to submit three essential items into their online system:

  1. The pre-approved SolarAPP+ Approval Document 
  2. The SolarAPP+ Approval ID number
  3. Solar project specification sheets

Please use the following links to select the permitting software you use.

  1. Accela
  2. EnerGov/EPL (TylerTech)
  3. E-TRAKiT (CentralSquare)
  4. iWorQ
  5. Edgesoft
  6. OpenGov
  7. Clariti
  8. Citizenserve
  9. CityTech Solutions

If we have not already partnered with your software vendor, or you otherwise don't see them in the list above, we can work with your jurisdiction and your software provider to figure out how to make your permitting process compatible with SolarAPP+. The permitting software must be able to do the following: 

  1. PDF uploads 
  2. Accept a unique approval ID 
  3. Process payments electronically 
  4. Issue permit instantly after payment

If this approach is not appropriate or these features are not possible in your software, you may consider our standalone model, whereby SolarAPP+ issues a permit on your behalf.

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