How do I set up SolarAPP+ with Central Square's E-TRAKiT permitting software?

This article describes how to set up SolarAPP+ for jurisdictions with Central Square's online permitting software: E-Trakit. The integration of SolarAPP+ with your E-Trakit system is straightforward, but contact [email protected] or your E-Trakit representative if you experience issues.

The steps below walk through the contractor's workflow in completing a SolarAPP+ permit application, but is focused specifically on those aspects that relate directly to SolarAPP+. Your process will likely include other fields and pages that are not unique to SolarAPP+, which are not shown here (i.e permit payment). 

1) E-Trakit Portal Home Page

The contractor would begin the process on the web portal home page maintained by the City/County's permitting department. Click 'Apply for a Permit' to launch the application forms. The contractor will be prompted to log in to the contractor portal, and the contractor must have licenses approved and verified in the system in order for them to proceed.

2) Contractor Declaration

The contractor may be required to affirm that they carry the required licenses, and that they are authorized to perform work on the property by the homeowner.

3) SolarAPP+ Permit Type Information

You must create a new PERMIT Type for SolarAPP+ projects in E-Trakit. For PV projects, you can use a naming convention similar to the title used in the screenshot below (e.g., "BLD SOLAR APP PV" for PV projects). 

This section can include a variety of data fields that are required by the AHJ. From a SolarAPP+ perspective the key new field to include is the SOLARAPP+ APPROVAL ID number. The contractor must input a SolarAPP+ approval ID and the information entered into this field should match the formatting of SolarAPP+ Approval ID numbers (e.g., SA202XX-X-X-X-X). View the screenshot for an example of the SolarAPP+ approval ID. Central Square has also developed new software to verify the approval ID matches the formatting requirements of NREL. If you are on the 2021 version of E-Trakit, this validation is available to you. 

4) Attachments

The Attachments section is where contractors will upload the SolarAPP+ Approval Document PDF, which contains the project's Approval ID number and the inspection checklist. If the jurisdiction requires it, the contractor will also upload equipment datasheets provided by SolarAPP+ in this section.

5) Payment Confirmation and Instant Permit

After the contractor pays for the permit, they should be directed to their contractor portal where they can access the permit job card immediately. 

6) Submitting Revisions

The AHJ must also clearly lay out the process to accommodate revisions. The contractor should be allowed to upload new documents into the existing permit record to allow for a revision. SolarAPP+ will have provided the plan review, just as it did for the first permit. However, the revised permit will now have a revised SolarAPP+ approval ID with a -B or -C depending on the revision. The inspector will want to ensure they download or have the most up-to-date version of the inspection checklist prior to inspection.

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