How do inspectors access the inspection checklist?

There are three ways through which inspectors can access the inspection checklists and long forms:

  1. Print and Go: physical copies of the checklist can be printed out from the SolarAPP+ website or from your internal documents prior to inspection.
  2. Desktop Download: for remote inspections, digital copies may be downloaded from the SolarAPP+ website or your government's online permitting software.
  3. Onsite Digital: Inspectors may scan a QR code located on the Approval Document, which takes the inspector to the SolarAPP+ inspection checklist through the SolarAPP+ portal on their phone or other portable electronic device. If the installer submitted revisions after the inspector printed or downloaded the checklist, the inspector can scan the QR code to access the most recent approval documents which reflect the changes made by the installer.

Example QR Code:

For more information, please review this SolarAPP+ inspector's training developed by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC).

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