What plans can an inspector access in SolarAPP+?

Jurisdictions have reported a desire to build better standardization from one contractor to the next. SolarAPP+ receives information regarding the contractor's design and puts it into a standardized format given to jurisdictions so that all contractors will submit project documentation in the same format. The software creates a checklist for the inspector with site-specific information based on the data submitted by the installer to verify that the installed system matches the proposed equipment and design specifications. 

Example Inspection Checklist:

Additionally, the SolarAPP+ Fire Bulletin lays out clearly what guidelines the contractor must follow for setbacks and labeling. If the contractor wishes to deviate from these requirements, they will need to contact the jurisdiction and request a variance. Fire setbacks following the SolarAPP+ Fire Bulletin will be verified at the time of inspection.

Example Fire Bulletin:

For more information, please review this SolarAPP+ inspector's training developed by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC).

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